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Yesterday was a rainy day. We spent a good chunk of it out of the house. A quick stop to Learning Express found us playing for quite a while with Calico Critters.

Do you remember those from when you were a kid? I think I had one or two…

After that came a visit to the LEGO store… and lots of in store building. We were on the hunt for a unicorn girl. Makes more sense if your a LEGO fan.

As the day was finally coming to a close, I realized I never picked up the camera specifically for my daily prompt. A quick shoot in front of the iPad resulted in this:


The goal was to get a shot of your subject with catchlights. Instead, I got the iPad light and the catchlights. I love the iPad light as a secondary source. It’s a great way to brighten up a subject… but I’m not crazy about seeing the reflection of it in her eyes… not to mention, the catchlights are so small… I’ll probably try this one again some other time.

But for last night, she had had enough in just one minute. So this will have to do.

How is your project coming along?


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