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Yesterday’s post was uncharacteristically late of me (as is todays, but that’s beside the point). I generally write my posts so they go live in the early morning. However, last night I just felt like I had to get all that out to start the new year off right. Plus, I was heavily considering working through The Unexpected Everyday e-book as my first project of the year, which meant I had to get started sooner rather than later. Better to get my thoughts out then than to procrastinate and do nothing at all…

So, I’ve decided to do the ebook. I’ll probably just post a photo a day on the blog as I work through each prompt… Since there’s something to be said for accountability, here’s my photo associated with today’s prompt:


Have you picked a project for the year yet? If you’re doing the ebook as well, please post a link and let me know! I’d love to see how your project unfolds.


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