Rural carrier posing for scavenger hunt photo

Scavenger Hunting July 12, 2013   0

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Remember participating in scavenger hunts as a kid? I do!

The thrill of searching for things and the fun of finding an item and crossing it off the list was always so great.

(I secretly wish there were more scavenger hunts in my life.)

So, when I saw¬†Clickin Moms is hosting an annual scavenger hunt for members, I couldn’t help but want to play!

Clickin Moms Scavenger Hunt


I’m coming late to the party, with only 10 days left to get at least 110 of the 200 shots possible, but since I have a good portion of next week to force my family to take these photos while we’re on vacation, I think I have a shot!

Plus, with gracious people to pose for me…

Rural carrier posing for scavenger hunt photo

this should be a piece of cake!

Come scavenger hunt with me!


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