Raspberry sugar, chocolate candy tea and pear caramel tea

Santographer 2014… A.K.A. I got gifts! December 23, 2014   0

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I can’t remember how I came across the LWPSantographer Facebook group, but I’m so glad I did. It’s a gift exchange for photographers to network and spread a little cheer.

Because I wasn’t paying attention, I almost missed the sign up… well, I *did* miss the sign up, but when the group owner, Laura of Laura Winslow Photography asked, I think she realized a lot of people just missed the sign up, too. So she opened signups again for everyone.


My Santographer, Lindsey of Lorien Studios kept me informed of sending my package, so I knew I was expecting 2 packages from FedEx sometime soon. This morning, I ran out with the girl to pick up the last of the food for Christmas and low and behold, look what was waiting for us at the front door.


DSC_3743I was super duper excited to open the packages. Having spent the last two weeks watching everyone post photos of their goodies, I was getting a little antsy. But Lindsey did such a great job… and really, while I know I did a lovely job of wrapping the presents for my giftee, I think next year I will individually wrap each present. I have to admit it was so much fun to open a bunch of gifts.


DSC_3763The loot was amazing and right on the nose! Lindsey sent me..



a Star Wars calendar (the art is awesome) and super cute whale stickers (which the girl will steal once she sees them)…


Raspberry sugar, chocolate candy tea and pear caramel tea

chocolate candy tea, pear caramel tea and raspberry sugar (yum)…


Glass Tea Carafe

a pretty patterned glass tea carafe…


DSC_3782Teal washi tape and…


DSC_3784a sci-fi minifigure. She did an excellent job!

I had to run one more errand after I received the package, but I immediately made myself a cup of chocolate candy tea with raspberry sugar in my new carafe. Pretty tasty and enjoyable, if I might say so myself…

This was my first time doing something like this and I will most definitely do it again next year. I had a blast shopping for my recipient and receiving my gifts.

Did you participate in any gift exchanges this year?



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