{282/365} Brownie in a mug!

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Wondering where I’ve been, I’m sure.

It’s amazing how life events can derail you… even when you think you’re prepared for them.

I won’t go much into detail… after all, you’re not really here to read about my sorrows, but it’s enough to say I’m more than a conquerer in Jesus Christ (Romans 8:37) and leave it at that. Maybe some other day I’ll share it with you all…

For now, I’m back to playing catch up with the photos! Blah!

This particular set was from the week of October 4th – October 10th… Enjoy!

{277/365} Back at the doctor

{277/365} Back at the doctor

This was our third visit back to the doctor with the issue of her cough. I think we spent a whole three weeks on nebulizer treatments. It’s a “three strikes you’re out” situation, so we’ll have to put steroids in her nebulizer treatments if she gets sick again this year. Not a happy camper about that…


{278/365} My arch nemesis...

{278/365} My arch nemesis…

We’re still not potty trained around here. Each time I buy a box of diapers, I keep praying it’s the last…


{279/365} Selling left over supplies

{279/365} Selling left over supplies

While the Bubble Guppies birthday party was very successful, I had a few decorations I never used. We decided to start selling items again on eBay and I thought someone else could benefit from my hard work. Here’s hoping they sell once I finally put them up for sale…


{280/365} Attack of the Bionicle...

{280/365} Attack of the Bionicle…

The Lego rebuilding has been going well. One of the batches we bought had a bunch of Bionicle pieces in it. We’re not really into Bionicle and it took us a while to figure out the pieces themselves, but my husband finally put one of the sets together… then proceeded to scare me with it. Who doesn’t love having a toy shoved in their face?


{281/365} Girl's daycare

{281/365} Girl’s daycare

{282/365} Brownie in a mug!

{282/365} Brownie in a mug!

{283/365} Lovely scene

{283/365} Lovely scene


More photos to come soon…


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