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So finally caught up! Here we are, with this past week’s events.

{270/365} A la seconde to the side!

{270/365} A la seconde to the side!

It was a fun day at ballet class. The girl was so excited to go, since she got to wear her ballet slippers for the first time.

It was also Parent’s week, so we got “front row seats” in the studio. She really is a good listener and it was nice to hear the instructor praise the little girl.


{271/365} Laying around

{271/365} Laying around

Since it was a pretty lazy week and I had plenty of catchup to do with work, we stayed home the following day. Spent a lot of time goofing around and playing Legos, of course.

That evening, though, the girl started to get sick…


{272/365} Hey! Look up here!

{272/365} Hey! Look up here!

But you wouldn’t know it from this picture, right? The next day we all went out to Kohls. We had some Kohls cash expiring that day from a large purchase we had made at the beginning of the month. We tried to buy something, but we just didn’t need anything, so we went to lunch.┬áThat’s when we noticed the girl was getting worse quickly.

I’m sure the waitress was cursing our name in the back for bringing our coughing kid to eat, but in our defense, she didn’t start coughing until after we started eating…


{273/365} Doc McStuffins goes to the doctor

{273/365} Doc McStuffins goes to the doctor

The next morning, we had an annual visit planned for the girl, which was turned into a well visit since the girl had the most horrid cough. She was so afraid to go (not sure where she got that), so I asked her if she wanted to go as Doc McStuffins and give the doctor a checkup.

That was enough to get her moving…


{274/365} Missing mom

{274/365} Missing mom

I was a little bummed the girl was so sick for her last full day with Nana in the house, but the next morning I decided to keep her home from school and take her with me to the airport. Saying goodbye to mom left me sad. I won’t be able to see her again until after her next knee surgery late February/early March. She’ll be spending the holidays in Puerto Rico with the rest of the family. Poor her, har har.

It seems like I barely saw mom this year. I hope to see more of her in the next.

Her room is cleaned out. The house feels a little lonelier with her not here this time around…


{275/365} Playing games

{275/365} Playing games

{276/365} Anniversary present finally arrived!

{276/365} Anniversary present finally arrived!

Yesterday, my pretty new shiny arrived in the mail. It’s been a while since I’ve worn my wedding ring. Not because I don’t like it, but because it should be classified as a lethal weapon. The beautiful wrap around my stone is literally like a rose vine. I could interlace my fingers with my husband, but squeeze too hard and I would stab him or myself. Don’t even get me started on the random scraping of myself or in particular, the girl as I handled her on a daily basis.

So we’ve talked about potentially replacing the ring and decided to do it this past anniversary. I found this little gem at Kohls. It’s part of the Simply Vera Wang collection. I love the look so much because the leaf design reminds me of my original ring… just not as spikey. Unfortunately,┬áKohls only stocks one size in all their rings. Since they don’t resize the rings in store, I had to wait for them to send it away, resize it, and then ship it back to me. (Buyer beware.)

After all that, receiving it was a little bittersweet. Last week, I had a turn of events with my web development business that might have affected my willingness to accept this as a gift. But, at this point, the ring is mine and I really do love it so. No give-backsies!

The hubby enlisted the help of the girl in a sweet little “we love you tons mami and want you to stay with us forever” ceremony to put the ring on my hand. It just makes it that much more special.

I love them both so very much.


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    Gorgeous ring!
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      Thanks! I think so too. :) Reply

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