{239/365} Minnie wearing the girl's shoes and learning how to go potty

Project 365 {Day 235 – 241} September 7, 2013   0

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Lovely summer weeks. They’re threatening to go away soon. The air has been crisper in the mornings.

I love fall, but I’ll be sad to see summer go this year. The girl and I have been having tons of fun outdoors.

We’re thinking of putting her back in swim classes as her regular thing to do. She really does love the pool. We’ll also be going to a dance class in a few weeks as she likes to twirl around the living room. Let’s see which thing she likes the most, so we can support her in enjoying being active.

We sit way too much as it is…


{235/365} My friend's beautiful new "G"

{235/365} My friend’s beautiful new “G”

{236/365} Ice cream on a summer night

{236/365} Ice cream on a summer night

This week we spent some time with friends we haven’t seen in a long while. Our lives continue to change, but it’s nice to know we can get together once or twice a year and continue to have a good time regardless of the time or distance.

After our cookout, we all decided to visit the local ice cream parlor. Clearly, the girl still doesn’t have the hang of it…


{237/365} Bracelet made in school

{237/365} Bracelet made in school

School has been going great for the girl. They seem to have lots of fun and she still wants to go every day. I hope that continues throughout her scholastic lifetime. I can only imagine a child who likes to go to school is much easier to deal with than one who doesn’t care…


{238/365} We pulled out another Lego set!

{238/365} We pulled out another Lego set!

{239/365} Minnie wearing the girl's shoes and learning how to go potty

{239/365} Minnie wearing the girl’s shoes and learning how to go potty

{240/365} And one more Lego set...

{240/365} And one more Lego set…

{241/365} DragonCon or Bust!

{241/365} DragonCon or Bust!

All in all, it was pretty quiet around here this week, until DragonCon kicked it all off. Just working in preparation for a busy September… two birthdays, our anniversary and another wedding. Should be fun!


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  1. Lynell Bumpas says:

    September 8, 2013

    Awww. Cute lego set. My 7 year old kid loves to play legos too.
    Lynell Bumpas recently posted...Click hereMy Profile Reply

    • Kellie B. says:

      September 9, 2013

      Those lego sets are too cute! Love that bracelet image - I love the stuff they bring home :) Reply

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