{231/365} First day back to pre-school!

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Seems like the days just get busier as we head into September…

{228/365} Happy Birthday!

{228/365} Happy Birthday!

We celebrated my niece’s birthday. She turned the big ten-oh and my sister did it up in a big way with a “diva” sleep over. Lots of little girls, lots of cliquing… made me feel sad for the few who clearly felt left out at moments. That’s the problem with little girl parties. Too many girls and it just happens.

Fortunately, I didn’t have to stay the whole night… our little-little girl is our get-out-of-jail-free card. I use her as often as I can. *grin*


{228/365} Hanging around

{229/365} Hanging around

{230/365} Lego framed!

{230/365} Lego framed!

We took a family photo for the family wall at school. Since we’ve been playing with Legos so much, we decided to take a photo framed within a Lego frame my hubby made. It was a lot of fun, and I think it is an improvement on last year’s photo where we all stuck our tongue out…


{231/365} First day back to pre-school!

{231/365} First day back to pre-school!

By now you’ve seen all the perfect “first day of school” photos floating around. I want to be one of those mami’s that does those types of things, but I don’t always plan well for them.

On the first morning of pre-school, we were running right on time and I didn’t want to be late. So instead of looking around for the best light, I just snagged my camera and (probably) barked at the girl to stand against the wall. (Something I’ll have to change, since she recently started to notice “tone” and calls us out on it a lot.)

The photo isn’t one of my best, heavily processed with that “smooth skin” magazine look… and if I had thought about it, I would have snapped one of her in front of the sign for her classroom, but I didn’t.

Regardless, I’ll still cherish it.


{232} Bye bye little elephant

{232} Bye bye little elephant

We packed up our baby bedding this week as well. The girl’s length has long been threatening to peek out from the bottom of the blanket when she sleeps. I spent a lot of time tucking in her toesies at naps and night time.

Turns out there is someone near and dear to us who loved our bedding set as much as we did. I packed up the little elephant and friends and off they went to a new home.

It was a little bitter sweet for me, so I held on to the receiving blanket, as it was my favorite piece. (They already had a receiving blanket, so I don’t feel too bad holding back one item.) Once I have a little box of memories, it will be going in there with the rest of the items I’ve been saving here and there.


{233/365} Pretty little hamper

{233/365} Pretty little hamper

One of the things that went with the bedding set was our hamper… off I went to find a new one. We’re planning on painting the room again, so I was in search of something that would match our new Minnie Mouse theme. I think this little cutie will do just fine.


{234/365} She'll hate me for this later...

{234/365} She’ll hate me for this later…

Still no luck potty training and while she doesn’t ask me often, sometimes she just wants to sit on the toilet… this time, with our iPad.

And now you know why the iPad potty chair was invented…


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