{191/365} New ride

Project 365 {Day 186 – 192} July 13, 2013   0

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I love going on vacations. The only problem with them is the week before and the week after the vacation.

The week before, I’m so excited about the vacation, I have a hard time staying focused on the things I need to do before we go.

The week after, I’m bummed the vacation had to end.

Honestly, I think Europe has it right… where you go on vacation for a month. I think that’s plenty of time to unwind, enjoy and not feel too bad that you have to get back to real life.

But then again, the grass always looks greener on the other side…

As you read this, we’re on our way to Florida to visit my mom. I wanted to visit her shortly after she had her knee surgery in May, but things didn’t work out as planned. So now we’re off on our double-duty “vacation”.

Before we went, though, I wanted to share last week with you. We…

{186/365} Here's my best fish face!

{186/365} Here’s my best fish face!

learned how to make fishy faces… kinda…


{187/365} New toothbrush

{187/365} New toothbrush

worked hard at brushing our teeth well. My Little Pony toothbrushes are good for that…


{188/365} Camera play

{188/365} Camera play

found our camera again and have been playing with it often…


{189/365} Getting ready to hunt!

{189/365} Getting ready to hunt!

started crossing off items on the scavenger hunt…


{190/365} Yes, this was on the list...

{190/365} Yes, this was on the list…

like so…


{191/365} New ride

{191/365} New ride

said goodbye to the Explorer and purchased a new ride, and…


{192/365} Already have a hitchhiker...

{192/365} Already have a hitchhiker…

found out we have new friends in our tree!

The girl and I also spent what feels like the majority of our week in various mechanic’s shops. First with the old Explorer and then with the new vehicle. After getting the a/c checked out on the first car and being told it would be about $400 to fix it, we decided it was just time to buy something newer. I think it was the thought of driving to Florida with no a/c that really pushed us over the edge.

So, I’ve given you two photo clues (the 6th and 7th photo) as to what we bought to replace the Explorer. Can you guess what we bought?

I’ll send the first person with the correct guess a little gift from Florida. 😉


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  1. Amanda Barker says:

    July 13, 2013

    I think it's a pathfinder. Am I right?!? We got a new car this week too!!! Or last week... You know what I mean. It's a new Honda Civic :) have fun on your trip!!! Love you and miss you! Reply

    • Yazmin says:

      July 14, 2013

      Oh so close, but no cigar. ;)

      I saw your Honda! It's sweet! Was it brand new?

      Love you and miss you, too! <3 Reply

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