{167/365} Blooming peppers{167/365} Blooming peppers

Project 365 {Day 165 – 171} June 26, 2013   0

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All the garden plants seem to be surviving… except for the zucchinis. Sometimes, I’m a “plant first, figure out of I did it right later” kind of gal.


{165/365} Leeks gone to seed

{165/365} Leeks gone to seed

That’s what happened with these leeks from last year. Honestly, I’ve seen leeks cleaned up, but had never seen them in the ground. I planted a few in a pot and let them grow and grow and grow.

My only problem was I wasn’t sure when I should harvest them. Maybe I should have read the label that said “120 days to harvest”.

So, last year, when my tomato plants stopped producing fruit (tomatoes where the only other thing other than herbs I grew last year), I kinda stopped checking on the leeks. This year, they were still standing, so there I left them to seed.


{166/365} Baby giggles

{166/365} Baby giggles

{167/365} Blooming peppers

{167/365} Blooming peppers

My “plant first, figure out if I did it right later” approach has gotten the better of me again this year with the zucchinis. Once I found out they were a sprawling plant, I knew planting 4 in a container the size I did was just not big enough for them. I’m thinking of sacrificing two of the plants to allow the other two the best chance they have to grow. I was really hoping for little zucchinis this year, but now I know for next season.

On the upside, the tomatos, green peppers and red peppers are looking strong. Even the plants my friends gave me (two tomato plants – one with 2 fruits already – and a cilantro plant) are doing great. The only other plant suffering is my jalapeño plant. I may try and transplant it one more time to see if that helps.

I’m open for suggestions on how to make the jalapeño happy again?


{168/365} Daddy kisses

{168/365} Daddy kisses

{169/365} Smiley bathtime

{169/365} Smiley bathtime

{170/365} "New" favorite sandals

{170/365} “New” favorite sandals

About a month and a half ago, the hubby mentioned starting to walk again after he got home from work. That gave me the energy to say “enough is enough!” when it came to my foot pain. I marched myself to a local store, Foot Solutions, dealing with foot related issues to work on fixing my plantar fasciitis.

I never realized solid foot gear with good arch support is hard to come by. (But I didn’t know I needed it either.) While the store offers shoes and sandals, they are expensive. I mean, let’s be honest… When was the last time you dropped $150 on a pair of sneakers. That’s a weeks worth of groceries around here…

They are kind enough to check out any shoes you buy from other places to make sure they work towards correcting your issue without adding to the problem. I just didn’t have the time to go shoe shopping and finally opted to buy my shoes from their store.

At the same time, they mentioned I need to wear arch support all the time… and let’s be honest… the last thing anyone is thinking about in the middle of the night when they need to go to the bathroom is slipping on their sandals to make sure they don’t aggravate the pain in their foot. So, since I was in the need of some sandals for the pool locker room, too, and though I wasn’t planning on buying these lovlies above, I am soooo happy I did. They are sports recovery shoes called Vionic by orthaheel. Waterproof with great arch support and they are so stylish. (You can’t see in the photo, but they are brown with red accent stripes.)

Wasn’t sure about them the first couple of days, but I wear them almost all the time when I don’t have my sneakers on. Best purchase I’ve made this year!


{171/365} Minnie... our new favorite...

{171/365} Minnie… our latest favorite…

And finally, again, unrelated to the photos… last week, the girl seemed to get worse at the pool classes. She outright refused to float on her back, wouldn’t jump into the pool (unless almost by force) and screamed and clung to me… if not for specific water toys, then just because she was scared. I was literally on the verge of tears the last class… and to top of that enormous feeling of defeat, I got locked outside of the house. It was not the best of days.

This week has been much better… and we had a breakthrough during the weekend, but that is for another post. Can’t wait to share!

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