{146/365} Strawberry picking with Dada

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{144/365} Visiting the doctor

{144/365} Visiting the doctor

Last week ended with a visit to the doctor. Since the girl was coughing on and off for the past month, we decided it was time to finally make the trip. I’m not one that likes going to the doctor. Usually, I get told they can’t do anything and then they send me home with my wallet $35 dollars lighter. So, when I went for the girl, I was sure I had followed all the directions on their site regarding dragging in sick children and knew we wouldn’t be turned away.

I mean, I’d much rather be at the park with her than any darn doctor’s office… no matter how nice they are.

Turns out, she had a mild case of bronchitis. One mini nebulizer mask and two prescriptions later, we were on our way to continue our day. After her first day of treatment, she was already feeling much better. It was clear the treatment was working, so it was business as usual (notice the chocolate stained grin below.)

{145/365} Mmm... chocolate...

{145/365} Mmm… chocolate…

{146/365} Strawberry picking with Dada

{146/365} Strawberry picking with Dada

{147/365} Pretty embroidered denim

{147/365} Pretty embroidered denim

{148/365} Graduated!

{148/365} Graduated!

{149-7} "Curita" make boo-boo feel all better

{149-7} “Curita” make boo-boo feel all better

{150/365} New shoes... getting wet already...

{150/365} New shoes… getting wet already…

We also went to a strawberry field! I’ve (that I know of) have never picked strawberries in my whole entire life. So when I saw regular posts for Warbington Farms on our local events website, Cumming Local, I knew I had to make plans to visit. Especially since the girl was of age to start enjoying activities like these. While it was fun, the novelty wore off on the girl after 10 minutes and I felt like we were dragging her along.

Hopefully next year it will be much more fun for her… and us as well.

The rest of the week was great as well… a little shopping, a graduation (Congrats Kayla!), Mickey Mouse band-aids for boo-boos and, as you can see, new shiny blue shoes.

We love new shoes… especially this pair, since she got to pick them out all by herself.

Now… what to do for the rest of the summer…

What did you do this past week?



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