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Well, not me, of course, but the girl.

Since I did just promise you a birthday post, I thought I’d get right to that before I somehow got distracted.

The girl’s likes have been all over the place this year. I suppose that is more than normal for a toddler.

Lately though, she seemed to really like Minnie Mouse and Doc McStuffins. Up until 3 weeks before the party, I had planned on picking one of those as the theme. There are a ton of Minnie Bowtique party supplies and Doc McStuffins party supplies are just starting to become more readily available. I figured I’d buy the supplies 2 weeks in advance and then be all set. That is, until she discovered Bubble Guppies.

If anyone has tried to do a Bubble Guppies party, you quickly found out that Nick Jr. does not license anyone to sell Bubble Guppies party supplies. If you want to do a theme party, you’ll have to go to the Nick Jr. Bubble Guppies Birthday Party website and print out all the party decorations… and that, my friends, is not to be undertaken lightly.


Cupcake toppers

Cupcake toppers

Party hats

Party hats

I, like a fool, accepted that challenge and ended up printing out cupcake toppers, party hats, popsicle covers and hanging decorations (of which, after all that cutting, never got used, because my mom nor I could reach the beams. *whomp, whomp*)


  • Wonderful cake made by Baked with Love

  • Another view of the Baked with Love cake

I had our friend Kathy from Baked with Love create a Bubble Guppie themed cake with Mr. Grouper as the topper. She also made those beautiful cupcakes so I could use the cupcake toppers as decorations.

She makes the most awesome tasting cake, btw. I highly recommend her if you are local.


  • Pearly bites!

  • Eating a “fishy” peanut butter & jelly sandwich

  • Chocolate marshmallow pops

  • Yummy goldfish!

  • Ocean potion

The only thing left after that was the food. So, off I went on a search to find Bubble Guppie themed ideas for the party. I struck gold when I found fun ideas like “Ocean Potion”, “Pearly Bites” and these chocolate marshmallow pops on a stick…oh! and of course, goldfish.

To accompany, I made “Sandy Shells and Pearls”, which is actually just shell pasta with peas and tons of parmesan cheese as a topping. I also made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and my husband cut them into fish & octopus shapes. (I think those tasted better than the barbecue chicken I made in the crockpot. lol)


  • The bubble machine was a hit!

In between, the kids ran back and forth between the party and the playground. In one of those runs, I pulled out a bubble machine I picked up in the clearance section of our local Target for six bucks. As you can see, it was an awesome addition to the party and all the kids loved it.


  • Attempt #1 to light the candle on the windy day

  • Attempt #2 to light the candle on the windy day

Happy Birthday my sweet baby girl!

Happy Birthday my sweet baby girl!

Since it was a slightly windy day, we had a little bit of trouble when it was time to light the candles. It actually took two attempts get them lit… then, I’m not even sure they were still lit by the time she tried to blow them out! From the smile on her face, I doubt she cared.


  • Blowing bubbles!

After all the presents were opened, I sent the kids home with popcorn balls and a popsicle. I also had bottles of bubbles, but most of the kids forgot them once I pulled out the bubble machine. So now we have tons of bottles of bubbles for next summer.

I had a few other activities planned for the day, like a “fish egg” hunt, where the kids would go hunt around the gazebo for Easter eggs filled with crayons in various sea-themed shapes. It seemed like overkill though, as they were having so much fun with the bubbles and the playground. Not to mention, I just plain forgot them at the house. Anywhoooo…

Here are the rest of the photos from the day:

  • Running with her cousin

  • It was a “Lego”-ful birthday!

  • Loving on her new Owlie

  • “Wait! Take a photo of me, too!”

It really was a lovely birthday party and I enjoyed the theme and colors immensely. I think the girl did, too.

When I look back at the photos, it makes me happy to know we have friends, family and acquaintances who want to be a part of the girl’s life. That’s such a big blessing. 🙂

Oh and if you want to see all the links that inspired me, I created a Bubble Guppies Birthday Party Pinterest Board you can follow for all the links.


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