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Mi chiquitita,

February has been a quiet month for us. Your mami has found a new obsession in LEGO and has been working on building a modular. Daddy has been working on his LEGO projects, too… and you’ve been a wonderful trooper tagging along to the second-hand LEGO stores to watch mami and daddy sort through bins chockfull of bricks.

Fortunately, you’re an inventive little girl and made the best of those days by making your own LEGO creations and acting out scenes with the new minifigures you made each week. You now have a minifigure army that exceeds mami’s by multiple counts. I just love that LEGO is one of your favorite toys.


That’s why for this Valentine’s Day, we gave all your friends LEGO Valentines. You had so much fun making them with daddy.



Next year we’ll have to think of something else LEGO related for Valentine’s Day.



Before the crazy ice storm weather that came with the last two weeks of the month, we had a princess tea party with a friend.



Her mami had to attend an event without her, so we picked her up in the morning and grabbed your favorite food of late, Chick-fil-a nuggets and Sprite, on the way home.



Mami cleaned up your tea set so we could have a proper tea party upstairs in your room.


princess-tea-party-4428 princess-tea-party-4455

You were such a gracious host, completely enjoying pouring cups of tea Sprite for your guest.



After a while, you kinda got tired of me taking photos of you guys, so you made me sit outside of the room and not look while you ate your food. You little stinker, you.


princess-tea-party-4466 princess-tea-party-4472

Once you guys finished, we played a little princess dress up. You were too hungry to bother dressing before the tea party, but all fueled up, you guys were ready to go… and boy did you guys have some energy! Your mami was tired… and so were you. You fell asleep on the way to drop her off! You weren’t very happy with mami once we gpt back home. We had to call and say “bye-bye”. hehe

Needless to say, you’ve been asking to have more all-day playdates. Your mami may need some energy drinks for more of these…

Te quiero, mi chiquita!

❤ Mami

——————– ❤❤❤ ——————–

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