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Mi cariño,

You have grown way too much this year. When I look at you now, I try and stare at you as long as I can before you tell me to stop looking at you. You’re getting so much smarter and stronger… asking so many questions… having so many opinions. I miss my the baby girl I brought home, but I look forward to getting to know the ball of energy and curiosity you’ve become.


Just so you know, you still sleep with us in our bed and honestly while it is not the most comfortable, I know I will be sad when you finally decide you want to sleep in your own room. I used to worry if I was being a bad parent by not forcing you to sleep in your own bed, but then I remembered when I visited Puerto Rico, I shared a bed with my grandmother… despite there being 3 other unused beds in the house.

I know when it’s time you’ll let us know. For now, I’m just trying to enjoy your wanting to spend all your time with us.

Most days, you are blur of bright colors and wildly, tossed hair… busy playing with your little dolls or LEGO. Getting you to stay still in front of the camera has become an art of enticement and bribery. It usually involves some sort of candy. I’ve made peace with it, since I know it will leave me with lasting photos of you.



You continue to be stingy with your love towards daddy. Sometimes he has to grab you in a bear hug to shower you with kisses. I hope one day you will grow out of that and just go straight to daddy when you need some comfort, snuggles or love. You would be speaking his love language while allowing him to love on you.


DSC_3113 DSC_3292 DSC_3304Christmas is just around the corner as I write this letter. We’ve done lots of Christmas activities, but your favorite has been the LEGO advent calendars. You and daddy have been working on them together. It’s been really good for your number learning. Daddy is using your excitement about each day in the calendar to teach you about double digits… successfully, I might add!

Sometimes he has this amazing patience I just can’t manage to show you. I seem to be losing that patience I’m known for as I get older.  My hope is when you’re a teenager that won’t cause a rift between us… We can only wait and see.

I’ve had a wonderful time writing these letters to you this year. I hope you cherish them as much as I enjoyed writing them for you. I may just make this a continued project… so when I’m old and senile, I’ll have these letters to read, too…

To my little ear-obsessed, run around pants-less, lovey-dovey niñita… I love you to the moon and back.

❤ Mami

——————– ❤❤❤ ——————–

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  1. Bianca says:

    December 23, 2014

    Beautiful letter and photos... love the one of her wrapped up in Daddy's arms! Reply

    • Yazmin says:

      December 23, 2014

      Thank you Bianca! That's one of my favorites, too. Reply

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