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This was a big month for you! It’s the last month you’ll be three, ardillita, and school has started for the year. You were so excited and just couldn’t wait to go again. You talked a ton about your friends over the summer.


The morning of your first day, I made you pose for a few photos. You’re getting so big so fast I’m afraid I’m going to blink and you will be 17 and going off to college. I get it now… all the sentimentality with which moms tend to talk about their children.


Once I dropped you off, I was left alone with your newest best friend, Gilbert. If you’re wondering where you got that name (because Daddy and I wondered for quite a while too), you should watch a few episodes of The Little Princess. These days you’ve taken to going nowhere without him.

After school the first day, you asked me where your teacher was from last year. Even though I explained, you still clearly miss her terribly and asked about her for the next two days. I had to email her to let her know. She said she missed you guys terribly, too.


Your second day went just as well. That afternoon, after you told me a bit about your day, I sat down to work at the computer. That’s when I noticed a few minutes later, you got silent. I turned around to find you asleep on the floor…well before nap time. Clearly you had a very exciting and exhausting day.


We have a digital photo frame sitting on the shelf under the tv and I sometimes catch myself smiling at photos of you as a baby… And wondering where “my baby” went. All those baby features you had are fully gone. I stare in amazement when daddy picks you up, your long legs dangling near his knees. Such a difference from the baby he could hold in one arm.

Your height makes you look deceptively older than you really are. Sometimes I feel like I’m getting cheated on time with you.

Is it selfish of me to ask you to please stop growing up, baby? Mami te quiere muchisimo.

❤ Mami

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