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I’ve started this post several times. It seems trite to just come on and say “Happy Father’s Day!” when for some reason, this day, this year, our fathers are heavily on my mind.

While the circumstances were considerably different, I believe something always seemed off to my husband and me in our relationships with our father figures. I’m not faulting them. I choose to believe they did the best they could within their own circumstances, but we’ve realized the relationships were never quite complete.

They have left the smallest of father-shaped holes in our hearts.

I can tell you we’ve spent a good part of our lives trying to fix what felt broke. There have been countless talks on raising our daughter to make sure, if at all possible on our part, she never has to know that feeling… that she always knows the love, understanding and desire of a father to be a part of his child’s life.


This is my husband’s second Father’s Day and as I think back, I am so grateful for the father he models for our daughter. It’s getting difficult to write this, because my eyes are just tearing up…

I know he doesn’t always feel this way, but he’s doing such a great job with our little girl. I see it every day… and I’m so proud.

(BTW, I feel God allowed those father-shaped holes in our hearts, just so He could use her to mend us, but that’s a topic for another day.)

So to my husband… and all the father’s out there…

Happy Father’s Day!

And honey, thank you for being such a wonderful Dada. I love you so much. <3



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