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My First Creative Workshop: Flash Photography! February 3, 2014   0

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This weekend I was gifted with the opportunity to attend a flash photography workshop given by local Atlanta photographer Mike Moreland of Moreland Studios. A bit intimidated since I’ve never attended a workshop, but eager to learn, I went to the class.

I’ll have you know, I know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about flash photography… aside from the usual advice of “don’t use your on-camera flash unless you want your subject to be washed out with harsh light”. Let me tell you – I am *so* glad I attended the workshop.

Mike was very nice, easy to follow and willing to answer the multitude of questions presented to him during the workshop. Fortunately, his assistants were also ready and willing to answer questions and help with settings. I think we outnumbered them 3 to 1!

I’ve never really used softboxes, reflectors, flash or flash syncs, but now I’m eager to start investing… slowly of course. I really don’t have a lot of room to go crazy buying lighting gear, but I think all I want to start with is a simple LED light.

But even before that, I think I probably need to learn to use my on-camera flash. Unfortunately, we skipped that section of the workshop and jumped right into shooting the models with softboxes.

Does anyone have a good source for learning on-camera flash photography?

Oh, and here are a few of my shots from the workshop:

Boy leaning on door - flash photography shot

Boy standing in front of doorway - flash photography shot

Boy sitting on box with winter hat - flash photography shot

Boy in football uniform with football - flash photography shot

Reviewing my photos, I realized I was definitely more focused on my settings than I was making sure the shot itself was in focus. That, or my camera had trouble focusing in the low light situation… which I encountered once or twice. Regardless, I had a great time.

So tell me, how did I do?

And if you’re local, are there any workshops you recommend?



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