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We’re still in the first week of the new year… or close enough, so if you haven’t found a photography project, don’t despair! There are plenty of groups still starting up. Here are a few I’ve come across lately, listed in order of “most” to “least” commitment level:

The Bethadilly Challenge
Ready for the full shebang? Here is a Project 365 with what looks to be a large support group of photographers. This one comes with daily prompts as well.

Document Our Days M4H Instagram 365
This is an Instagram group run by photographer Tricia Boutelle. If you want something that doesn’t require you to have your camera on you every day, you can use your camera phone with this group.

M4H Project 52
If taking a photo every day of the year feels a little scary to you, opt for a lesser commitment of simply taking a photo once a week. Here’s a Facebook group with a large user community.

Everyday Eyecandy Project 52
If you’re looking for a Project 52 with photo prompts, here is a great one to join. This project is run by photographer LaShawn Wiltz.

Clickin Moms Project 52
If you’re already a member of Clickin Moms (and if you’re not, you can join), you can join their Project 52 group at any time. You’ll need to be a member to see the project link.

The B&W Project – Project 26 B&W
If you like to shoot black and white (I know I do), this may be the group for you. 26 photos for the year, with prompts and due dates. I may do this one myself just for fun.

Letters to Our Daughter(s)
This is the group I run on Facebook. We take photos of our daughter(s) and once a month write accompanying letters on our blogs. We also do a blog circle link up so you can read all the letters and photos from our group of photographers.

LEGO January 2015 Calendar

You see? Still plenty of time!

Do you run or participate in a yearly photography project you’d like to share? Leave the link in the comments below!

Update 1/10/2015:
Here’s one more challenge if you’re still looking for a group. Audrey Ann Photography has a 52-week Flickr group going which provides Child / Lifestyle Photography prompts. You should check them out!


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