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Couldn’t sleep last night. My mind was spinning with thoughts of customizing this theme and other things. Once my usual heartburn got me up, I decided to work through it and didn’t go to bed until sometime around 4:30am. Just before the birds start singing…

Found this lovely free bokeh wallpaper above¬†created by Javier Ocasio while searching for a background idea. Decided to modify it a bit to match the “lightness” I was looking for. Nothing fancy… I just infrared the image to get the new result.


I think my new background looks fantastic! What do you think?

I’ve contacted the designer of the background to find out what the editing and sharing license is on the free wallpaper. At the moment, I’m hoping it’s licensed under Creative Commons with modifications allowed¬†and he has no problems allowing me to share, provided I give a link back credit (which I have and will also do so on my About page when it’s done.) So, I’ve made my derivative work available for download below:

[wpdm_file id=1]


I hope you enjoy!

Now here’s crossing my fingers I get a good night’s sleep tonight…


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