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Adoption Profile Book Services

Hi! I’m Yazmin!

Thank you for visiting this page. If you made it here, it means you’ve been working with my friend, Teresa, of Jochebed’s Hope. I’m a big cheerleader of her mission and desire to support her however I can. I am grateful she has shared my information and that you’ve taken the time to visit.

Why Adoption Profile Services

Adoption is weaved into the story of my life – from my husband being adopted to our attending a church whose mission is adoption (James 1:27) to being surrounded by friends with a heart for adoption. I’ve seen first hand how an engaging adoption profile book can help you connect with a birthmother. Because of my unique set of talents, it just seemed a natural step for me to help with creating adoption profiles. My goal is to aid prospective adoptive parents in creating an eye-catching book through design and photography.

What I Do For You

Adoption profiles should be 100% a representation of you. To that end, I offer the following services to help you create an authentic profile of you and your family:

Guidance with BirthMother Letter

While Teresa and I agree wholeheartedly that your letter to the birthmother needs to be personal to you and written from your heart, we understand it can be a daunting task to simply start writing such an emotional letter from scratch.

In an effort to assist you in pulling all your information together for your profile, Teresa and I created a questionnaire to help you place your thoughts, feelings and beliefs on paper. The questions we pose in the outline are the key points about you and your life that we feel a prospective birthmother would want to know. By the time you are done answering all of the questions, you will have addressed all the basic questions an adoption profile book answers.


Your photos are such an important part of your adoption profile! It pays to make an effort to have the cleanest, clearest, in-focus photographs possible. While I realize we all can’t bring a photographer around everywhere we go to capture all the moments in our lives, it’s important to put your best foot forward with great photography.

We will assist you in sorting, selecting and editing the photos you already have. For when you don’t have enough photos to fill your adoption profile book or you don’t have any photos at all, I can help you by doing a quick photo shoot of you and your family or helping you document a day in your life to illustrate your family’s lifestyle.

1-Hour Family Photoshoot – $65
A Day In The Life Photoshoot – $200

Assembly of Adoption Profile Book

Once I’ve collected your letter and photography, and have gotten a sense of who you are, we’ll start working on designing the adoption profile book. This process usually takes 2 weeks from start to finish. Once I’m done and you have reviewed and approved the design, we place an order for the books

Adoption Profile Book Design – $10/page (books generally average 10 pages)
Adoption Profile Book Printing – $25/book (includes production & shipping)

Current Available Dates – Photography Sessions

To discuss the creation of your adoption profile book or schedule a time for a photography session, please contact me.